Breastnet Services

Breastnet’s all female staff understand that patients deserve excellent care delivered with compassion, courtesy and respect. Patient services are designed to provide a prompt diagnosis with minimal anxiety.

After your exam, you will wait comfortably in the privacy of our Relaxation Room while our doctor reads your films. She will then sit with you to show you your films and explain your results. Additional work-ups, such as special views or ultrasound, will be performed during the same visit, eliminating the need for multiple appointments. All procedures are performed with sensitivity to your dignity and privacy.


Breastnet offers the following services:

+ Digital Screening and Diagnostic Mammography
+ Screening Breast Ultrasound using the new automated SonoCiné system.
+ Diagnostic Breast Ultrasound
+ Ultrasound Guided Needle Biopsy
+ Stereotactic Guided Needle Biopsy
+ Physical breast examination and self breast exam.
+ Bone Density Testing (DEXA)
+ Cryoablation
+ Genetic counseling and testing for breast and ovarian cancer
+ Second Opinion Consultation
+ Cyst Aspiration
+ Wire Localization
+ Ductograms