Breastnet proudly offers the Visica® 2 Treatment System

Freezing early stage breast tumors gives women new nonsurgical treatment option

Women with early stage breast tumors now have a safe and effective nonsurgical treatment available to them in Scottsdale, Az. Breastnet now offers cryoablation with the Visica® 2 Treatment System, a device that uses extreme cold (cryo) to destroy tissue (ablation). Developed by Sanarus Technologies, the Visica 2 Treatment System destroys the tumor by freezing it with liquid nitrogen and damaging the adjacent vasculature that fuels tumor growth. Leading radiologists and breast surgeons are using this advanced technology for the treatment of breast tumors as an alternative to surgical lumpectomy.Visica-2-Cart-highres_newscreen

Breast tumors are areas where breast cells have grown abnormally and rapidly. Depending on the type and size of the tumor, surgery to remove it may be recommended. Cryoablation offers numerous benefits over surgery because the procedure is done under local anesthesia, no breast tissue is removed and the shape of the breast is maintained. Little, if any, visible scarring occurs.

Cryoablation may be an appropriate treatment for women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. In a 5-year multicenter study funded by the National Cancer Institute and sponsored by the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, cryoablation with the Visica 2 Treatment System was shown to be 100% effective for complete ablation of invasive ductal breast cancer tumors

“At Breastnet, we take a proactive approach to women’s health and well-being. Our patients are encouraged to understand their options and make informed treatment decisions. The Visica Procedure is a great addition to the practice because we see positive outcomes from a virtually painless in-office procedure, said Dr. Belinda Barclay-White. “This safe and effective treatment increases patient satisfaction and underscores our commitment to providing the highest level of patient care.”

For decades, cryoablation has been used to treat benign and malignant tumors in the liver, lung, prostate and elsewhere. The breast is an ideal location for ablative therapy because there are no organs between it and the skin to get in the way of tumor access.

During the Visica Procedure, a hollow-tipped probe is passed through a small incision and inserted into the breast. Ultrasound imaging is used to help guide the probe into the center of the tumor. Low-pressure liquid nitrogen passes through the probe and forms an ice ball around the lesion. The tumor cells are destroyed after several freeze-thaw cycles and the surrounding healthy tissue is left intact. The dead tumor cells are gradually reabsorbed and expelled by the body over a period of 3-18 months. The procedure typically takes 30 minutes or less. Most patients report minimal discomfort and are able to resume normal activity right away.

Cryoablation with the Visica® 2 Treatment System is a safe and effective option for patients whose breast tumor is less than 4 cm in diameter, visible on sonogram and has been confirmed with a biopsy.

View the procedure video here… Sanarus Technologies